The Five A’s Framework

Analytics, Augmentation, Automation, Adaptation & Autonomous We need to acknowledge the difference between data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By understanding the different we can clearly demonstrate the path from analytics to adaptive...

The Golden Age of Algorithms #GoldenAgeAI

It seems obvious that the future of wealth and prosperity will be driven by expertise with advanced algorithms. Some call it the next Space Race, others the next Arms Race, either way, we are entering the golden age of the algorithm. This is not only a national race,...

DZone – Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Twitter Influencers

Pleased to report making the Top 10 List of Artificial Intelligence Twitter Influencers as published by DZone. In good company with Andrew Ng and Demis Hassabis, but surprised not to see Elon Musk on the list. DZone have just released a report on AI which can be...

All Party Parliamentary Group for AI – Written Evidence Submission

Dr Andrew Pardoe – Written evidence (AIC0020) What are the implications of artificial intelligence? Introduction Dr Andy Pardoe has a doctorate in artificial intelligence and is the founder of Informed.AI, a community of websites for AI supporting those interested to...

Featured in Private Eye

I am pleased to have been featured / quoted in the last edition of Private Eye, in a cartoon titled "Intelligence Test" to be found on page 23. Funny to see my likeness in cartoon form. Myself and one of the speakers at last week's Neurons.AI London Meetup Event were...

The Professional Network for AI Practitioners & Researchers

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Dr Andy Pardoe is founder and CEO of Informed.AI Media and Consulting group and recently listed as one of the Top 30 AI Influencers for 2017 by IBM Watson. He is a Committee Member of the British Computer Society Special Group for Artificial Intelligence and an Associate Fellow of the Warwick Business School.

Informed.AI Media consists of a network of websites that supports the Artificial Intelligence community. He is the chief curator of – the information resources directory for AI, and also runs the annual global achievement awards for Artificial Intelligence.

An IT professional having over 20 years experience with a solid academic foundation (BEng in Computer Systems Engineering, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA specialising in Business Transformation and Mergers & Acquisitions) combined with an extensive business and management knowledge across multiple industries (Investment Banking Technology, Retail Commerce & Supply Chain and Multi-media Asset Protection / Network Security). Has operated as an experienced Global Development Manager and Application Owner, delivering many multi-million pound projects with a global development team, and demonstrating a keen understanding of business transformation and change management and how it effects the whole organization.

A keen entrepreneurial spirit, having worked with start-ups in the past as either IT director or managing director. Previous owner & chairman of Pardoe & Wood, a chain of coffee shops, formed in 2009 and gold winner of the Independent Sandwich Bar of the Year 2012 awarded by the British Sandwich Association.

Informed.AI Media consists of a network of websites that supports the Artificial Intelligence community. It includes – the home of AI information that provides a directory of information resources as well as news aggregation, daily digest news feed, press releases, spotlight articles, social media channels and more. Awards.AI is our Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence, now in its 3rd year. Events.AI has the biggest list of discount codes for AI conferences. Vocation.AI is our Careers Portal and Jobs Board. And finally Neurons.AI is our Professional Network Platform for Practitioners and Researchers of AI.

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