Investor & Growth Accelerator

Pardoe Ventures

New for 2019, Pardoe Ventures is focused on supporting UK based AI Startups during their early days, weeks, months and years to becoming part of the next wave of global AI leaders.

We provide guidance, mentorship and guidance to the founders, as well as provide a global network to support the growth and development of the business.

Partnered with several capital funds, we are also able to fast-track the process of securing funding for those AI companies we believe are the unicorns of the future.

For more information or to submit your AI startup pitch please visit Pardoe.Ventures


Growth Accelerator

In addition to the Venture Funding, I am also the co-founder of a growth accelerator which supports AI businesses of all sizes achieve the next phase of their growth by providing the right learning, tools and mentorship needed to guide the founders and management team as they look to expand their business.

We are motivated to build AI global leaders within the UK, to ensure we are able to compete on the world stage against the USA and China.

Visit for more details.


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