Informed.AI Group

An ecosystem for the Artificial Intelligence Community

Professor Andy Pardoe is founder of Informed.AI, a global AI ecosystem created to support the AI community

Informed.AI Media consists of a network of websites that supports the Artificial Intelligence community. It includes into.AI – the home of AI information that provides a directory of information resources as well as news aggregation, daily digest news feed, press releases, spotlight articles, social media channels and more. Awards.AI is our Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence, now in its 3rd year. Events.AI has the biggest list of discount codes for AI conferences. Vocation.AI is our Careers Portal and Jobs Board. And finally Neurons.AI is our Professional Network Platform for Practitioners and Researchers of AI.

Founded in 2015, Informed.AI represents a group of community websites for the promotion and knowledge sharing of the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The manifesto of our group is to provide an extensive list of information resources for Artificial Intelligence. We want our group of websites on AI to be a great starting point for people wanting to learn more about the field of Artificial Intelligence.

From novices who are just wanted to learn more about AI, to hobbyists looking to use the various tools and software available, to students, teachers and academics who are studying and researching the field, and finally to professional practitioners and developers who are building systems and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


  • To become the most comprehensive and independent home for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning information
  • To be a place that everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence finds useful, from novice to expert
  • To constantly update the content and to add new features to our network of sites

The Informed.AI Network currently consists of the following websites:


  • into.AI – A directory of information resources for Artificial Intelligence, also aggregates social media stories.
  • Awards.AI – The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Events.AI – Listings of Events, Meetups and Conferences across the world.
  • Neurons.AI – The Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers
  • Showcase.AI – An Exhibition to showcase Startup companies.
  • Vocation.AI – A portal for careers and job listings within AI
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