AI Influencer & Futurist

The Pardoe Institute for Advanced Intelligence

Professor Andy Pardoe is a top Global AI Influencer, as listed by IBM Watson, and appears in other similar listings regularly. This is usually to acknowledge the work he does for the AI community with his Informed.AI group. An ecosystem supporting the AI community. See the Community page for more details on this.

Andy is an International keynote speaker, talking on various topics related to Artificial Intelligence. He also publishes articles on specific topics, and is currently writing a book due to be published later this year.


The Pardoe Institute for Advanced Intelligence is a think tank for the development of advanced intelligence, covering both artificial intelligence but also considering the fusion with human intelligence. We provide the latest theories and frameworks for practical implementations via our special reports and articles. We distill the hype and noise that currently surrounds the topic of AI and provide clear and concise guidance on best practice. 

For more visit our dedicated website at Pardoe.Institute 


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