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Consultancy on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Combined Intelligence is the AI Consultancy firm I founded in 2019.

At Combined Intelligence we believe in intelligent technologies and how they can be smartly combined with people, processes and systems to truly transform customer experience, to optimise business efficiency, to provide real actionable insight and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

It covers a full range of services including the following;

1. Strategy and Vision – Helping clients create a vision and strategy for the adoption of intelligent technologies and how these can be used to deliver real business benefit.
2. Process and Change – Supporting clients through the full lifecycle process of adopting intelligent technologies including supporting business and operational change.
3. Delivery and Operation – Construction, delivery and ongoing operation of intelligent solutions.
4. Technology – Guidance on the selection of the optimal technologies and vendors.
5. Research and Innovation – Following what’s happening on the leading edge of technology evolution, creating our own unique innovative solutions and feeding these into our client’s strategy.
6. Skills, Knowledge and Training – Providing specialist skills, knowledge and training to enable clients to create their own teams and solutions.

Available for short or long term consulting and advisory, we work across the full range of companies from start-ups to international corporates. We have a team of highly experienced AI practitioners with extensive IT implementation and delivery backgrounds, a unique combination that few other consultancies have at their core.

If you would like to find out more please visit our website

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